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Welcome to Our Deep River Practice!

The team at Wellspring Dental is committed to the oral health of the Deep River community.

Dedicated to the Smiles of Deep River

The team at Wellspring make it our first order of business to inform our patients that they are in full control of their treatment decisions.

We'll help you understand that teeth sensitivity varies significantly from person to person and therefore there is no reason to feel ashamed. We will further guide you through the various options available to you to allow you to make your experience pleasant.

Our Mission

At Wellspring Dental we treat the whole person not just the tooth. As such we seek to understand how the state of your oral health may be impacting the rest of your body and likewise how a particular health condition or lifestyle choice may affect your oral health.

When you visit us for your first appointment, we will inquire about any health, medicinal, life circumstance or lifestyle changes so we are in a much better position to ensure your oral care is in harmony with and serves to enhance your total well being.

Our Commitment

At Wellspring Dental we work hard to demonstrate that we truly value you as a patient and person. We understand that your time is as valuable as ours. We make every effort to honour the time of your scheduled appointment.

Informing you of the nature of your oral health problems.

  • Recommending a preferred treatment plan and the risks and benefits of this treatment.
  • Discussing all other treatment alternatives and their associated risks and benefits.
  • Informing you of the consequences of not proceeding with the treatment.
  • Giving you the opportunity to ask questions and think about issues previously discussed.
  • Provide you with cost estimates for the various treatment options.

Team at Work at Wellspring Deep River Dental

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